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Bushing Eliminator Kit for 35mm forks

45,00 ā‚¬ each

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CNC machined high grade 316L stainless steel bushing eliminators.
Get rid of your wobbly handlebars on your Harley's 35 mm (Ironhead) Sportster triple trees, direct mounting of your handlebars or risers gives a more direct feel while cutting corners!
Machine finish or polish them for that prizewinning bling bling!
This kit contains bushing eliminators which are flat on top to fit your choice of risers or handlebars. Just eliminate the original rubber bushings. Make use of your original riser clamp bolts, plug and play, only simple hand tools are needed.

Kit consist of 4 stainless steel cnc machined bushings.

We've got 'em with handlebar starters too, elsewhere on this site, take a look around.