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SR500 Munchie-Hopper

Being inspired by Japanese builders we bought this '79 Yamaha SR500 to turn into a local bar hopper. Pretty much everything on the bike went in the bin until there was just a bare frame and some forks left. The frame was worked over heavily like the trimmed down oil-in-frame top tube to accomodate a smaller tank and for overall slimmer looks.

The rear section of the frame was cut down too to make the bike look shorter. A set of new wheels and tires were put in with use of a spoolhub used in speedway racing, nice detail! The fuel tank is from an old moped and a ribbed rear fender was mounted. This bike was finished last year and, after extensive test riding, was taken apart a few months ago to have the frame painted and the engine rebuilt, polished and painted to end up with a properly finished bike.