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The Weslake Bike

This late 60's Speedway bike came to us after being beaten around the track for years. It still ran when we got it (on methanol!) but full-throtlle sliding took it's toll on the paint and body-parts. We completely took it apart, glassbead-blasted virtually everything and had the frame and forks powdercoated black.

Wheels are new ones too, 23" up front and 18" at the back. Rear tire is a Firestone and up front is an ice-speedway 23" slick (without the pins, most riders have their own favorite pattern so these are done by themselves). Polyester rear-fender and wheel-disc are done in mega-flake green and Miller Kustom Upholstery did the saddle in matching flake-vinyl. All aluminum parts were polished in-house and the 500cc Weslake single thumper was done over with a new piston and a hone-job.


Photo's by Limpe Iven Photography

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